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Clarins Self Tan Body Golden Booster 30ml

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Formulated with 99% ingredients from natural origin, this self-tanning liquid booster mixes with any Clarins body cream to create a beautiful, sun-free tan: 4 drops for a subtle sun-kissed effect, 6 for a deep, bronze tan. Easy-to-dose application - turn the bottle upside down and squeeze the bottom: 1 squeeze = 1 drop. An effortless, natural-looking and streakless tan that builds easily, according to your needs. Its plant-based formula with aloe vera does not contain sun protection filters and does not protect against sun exposure. Must be mixed with a moisturiser, never use alone. 
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Texture: Liquid
  • Use: When re-applying, use the same number of drops to intensify your tan or reduce the number of drops to simply maintain the glow.

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