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Clarins - Hydra-Essential Lotion - Spf15 (50ml)

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Clarins Hydra-Essential SPF15 Lotion is a comfortable melting emulsion which helps protect skin from the harsh, dehydrating environmental elements and UV rays. 

A light texture that refreshing and invigorating, this lotion hydrates the skin while helping to banish shine caused by heat and humidity, thanks to extracts of pomegranate and Alpine willow herb. 

Key Ingredients:
- Katafray: The Katafray is a tree found across Madagascar, and its elegant silhouette is a common sight in the arid forests of the south and west of the Grande Ile. Its light-coloured wood is as resistant as ebony and widely used in local building. In traditional Madagascan medicine, a drink prepared from the bark is reputed to have tonic and febrifuge benefits and its essential oil is known for its fortifying and soothing actions. 
- Sorbier: In times gone by, the sorbier tree was considered sacred and believed to chase away evil spirits and bring happiness to lovers. Its pear-shaped fruit has a pungent, acid flavour and is commonly used in a decoction for its fortifying and veinotonic properties. Its very dense wood is popular with both carpenters and cabinet makers. 

Suitable for Normal/Combination skin.


Applying your day cream to your face protects your skin and gives it all of the care it needs. Clarins’ pressure draining method stimulates the skin’s natural circulation and maintains its firmness.

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